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Farm Buddy Benny


Farm Buddy Benny

$7.95 $19.95

Time for some farm yard fun!

We also sneak off sometimes when no one’s looking for a big mud pie fight or a race down Mount WOW! Don’t tell any of the other WOW collection though or we may get in trouble. My off-road suspension means I am as safe and sturdy as any other WOW toy and I’ll never break down on the rough fields. My green and yellow paint job means I can blend in to the scenery on a nice summer’s day.


Quad bike called Benny
Removable farmer figure called Clark and shep, the removable sheepdog

This toy is aimed at ages 18mths to 5 years it has no batteries but requires imagination.

This WOW toy comes with a 10 year guarantee from the manufacturer and is designed to promote:

  • ideas & imagination
  • fine motor skills
  • social development


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