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The Powerhouse Museum is a great place for people of all ages. (Ultimo)

They often have special exhibitions and holiday activities see their website for further information, they also have a reasonable entry fee.


The Taronga Park Zoo is also another great place and is located in Mosman and Dubbo.

The zoo is expensive but there are ways to save on entry fees and queues such as buying a prepaid pass or zoo membership.  See their website for further information.


Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park is a great place to explore with many free things to do and lots of space for kids to play.  They also run a number of activities and special events and there is an aquatic centre where you can have a swim and cool down.


Community Services & Supports: 

Georges River Life Care:

A great community service run in the Peakhurst area


Autism Resources:

Autism Community Network - based in Sydney NSW - is run by a dedicated group of parents and carers. As well as running groups and activities for families they have a great website full of the latest information on resources and strategies.

Their website is



Active Ageing Australia - - based in Adelaide


Aged Care Staff - - providing National Conferences




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