There are a number of handy things to make life easier when sewing - from the most basic of needs - a seam ripper or needle threader, through to Fray Stoppa for use in securing threads after Overlocking.

We also have some ideas for storage - such as a great device from Clover for organising your sewing machine bobbins.

Sewing Tools & Accessories

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Needle Threader For Hand Needles

Needle Threader

Clover Flex n Glide Bodkin 9581

Sewing Accessory

Prym Bodkins with Eyes


Clover Seam Ripper - White

Seam/Stitch Ripper

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Clover Clip n Glide Bodkin 9582

Sewing Accessory

Hump Jumper and Point Turner

Sewing Accessory

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Sold Out
Point Turner

Sewing Accessory

Mini Tool Set for Crafting From Birch

Craft Tool

$33.96 $39.95
Yarn Cutter from Birch


$4.21 $5.50
Sold Out
Flexible Bodkin 29.5cm (Birch)

Flexible Bodkin


Craft Tool

$7.95 $9.95
Birch Tool Belt

Sewing Accessory

$9.95 $14.95