It is actually a really good movie. We were disappointed in the first planes movie, as the storyline got predictable. But this one we really enjoyed. It is the fourth in the Cars franchise, and has a different take on familiar Disney themes, and no one gets killed, but some need a lot of repair.

it is a movie that connects quickly to us, we live 100km from the Blue Mountains, we can see bushfires from where we live, but there is no bush near us. We love going to National Parks, and the Australian bush is designed by Nature to burn. Coming into bushfire season in Sydney, it is a practical movie about what is important. It is also an easy introduction into  emergency situation management. 

The movie also starts conversations about life questions: would you be prepared to be hurt, injured, maybe die, for another person? What can we do to help rescuers? What priorities of the characters made the situation worse, and what priorities made things better? Who was the most ready for the crisis and why? What can we do to be ready if something goes wrong? What can we do in our family to keep the important things important? How can we make sure we are ready for things in our life, like going out on time.

we also discussed how our actions affect other people. The park manger makes decisions that cause the situation to get worse. We are able to talk about our actions can cause situations to get worse.

big sister was "too big for this movie", but she would have enjoyed it. There are great female characters in this movie. 

Strength is also shown as not just being able to lift heavy objects, but a character trait.  

I would recommend this movie for primary school aged families. The conversations could have life changing impacts. We are still working on those discussions about what is actually important, and how to better handle crisis situations in our family (getting out the door to school on time for example).


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