I've had a busy day here adding a few new items which are due in soon and thinking about ideas for the school holidays which are almost upon us again in Sydney!


Some suggestions we have for out and about activities:

  • Local parks
  • Museums 
  • Adventure to the city or a favourite place eg the beach or a mystery trip to a friend or relative (let the kids guess who)


If your stuck at home:

  • Dress Ups & Face painting (we have face paints and make up available in store)
  • Art and Craft - use what you have at home already or get some inspiration from our Melissa & Doug Children's Craft Range
  • Tents - make your own with furniture and a sheet (or see our site for ready made play tents)
  • Cooking - make some cakes and biscuits, ice blocks or meals  and teach the kids practical maths as you go as well as living skills
  • Chasings - if your lucky enough to have a backyard
  • Invite a friend to play or swap kids, take turns at babysitting and having a break
  • Rotate the toys around or rearrange the bedroom - the kids might find some forgotten treasures!

Whatever your doing these holidays we hope that you have a great time! 


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