Would I buy one?
ABSOLUTELY. I liked it so much I’m also thinking of buying the ‘chillsner’ which is a similar apparatus for your beer.

Here’s a quick summary of the good and the bad.

The good
• The look. This product looks AWESOME. The case it comes in is stylish and I like the look of the stainless steel ‘icicle’ in the wine bottle.
• The storage case protects the corkcicle in the freezer. It is sturdy, and it is shaped like a square column, so good for stacking in the freezer.
• It works. And it works on white wine, sparkling wine and red wine.
• The aerator is also pretty nifty. It has the added benefit that it slows down the pouring a bit (so you don’t go overboard) and it also eliminates drips, like using a pourer (does anyone use these anymore? I haven’t seen a pourer in ages!).
• Your friends will think you are hip.

The bad
• The cap on the corkcicle one can feel little as if it is ‘frozen shut’ immediately it comes out of the freezer. I opened it without much drama though, and if you leave it for 5 minutes before opening the cap (and one presumes you’re not going to skull your first glass of wine in 5 minutes) the issue rectifies itself.
• The corkcicle does not reach ALL the way to the bottom of the bottle (there is a 1-2 cm gap at the bottom of the bottle). This isn’t really an issue, unless you are drinking one of those bottles that can be skinnier and taller (some bottles of Wolf Blass Riesling, for example are a little taller than usual and don’t fit in my fridge properly). And even in this circumstance, I can’t imagine it would be an issue unless you are drinking the bottle all by yourself. But if you were drinking the bottle all by yourself in under an hour, you probably wouldn’t notice that the last glass was warm cause you’d be a bit sozzled!
• It takes the corkcicle 90 minutes in the freezer to get sufficiently cold again, so if you need to keep your wine cold for longer than an hour, you have a slight problem. Buy two. Problem solved.

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