This is a seriously cool product. Pun intended!

From the first minute I laid eyes on the corkcicle I wanted it to be brilliant and not just the latest gimmick. It looked so very cool in its glass storage case and the product had a really solid and well-made feel about it. Even the storage case was nicely designed. It was really a little frustrating to have to wait 90 minutes for it to chill in the freezer so I could test it out!

Really, this product does everything the website says it does. The French say that in Australia we drink our white wine too cold and our red wine too warm. The corkcicle is intended to keep your white wine at the correct temperature for about an hour without refrigeration (as opposed to an ice-bucket, which makes it too cold) and can also be used to bring your red wine to something approximating cellar temperature (rather than room temperature, which is too warm). I am one of those plebs who actually LIKES my white wine quite cold though, so I was rather apprehensive that the corkcicle may not keep it cool enough.

The first time I tested the corkcicle, it had been in the freezer for about 2 hours (I actually had it in a chest freezer, so it may have been ready a bit sooner as they are about 10 degrees Celsius colder than a standard refrigerator freezer). The wine had been chilled in the fridge. The first thing I noticed when I took the corkcicle out of the freezer was that the glass storage case was COLD! The lid of the storage case felt a little like it was frozen stuck, but it came off easily enough. I think I was being overcautious. I poured myself half a glass to make room for the corkcicle to fit in the wine bottle, took the corckcicle out of its case and put it in the wine bottle. The I sat down to my favourite TV show, wine in hand and bottle on the coffee table. Usually I leave the bottle in the fridge and have to keep pausing the show to get up and refill my glass. The corkcicle eliminates this annoyance.

The wine was kept at perfect drinking temperature for me for an hour. After an hour it started to get a bit warmer than I like, but the website says it’s good for an hour, so it did its job! I was drinking the wine on my own (the significant other had beer) and that was about as much as I wanted to drink anyway. I was more than happy with it. If you had people over for dinner and had the wine bottle on the table, an hour is probably all you’d need.

Cleaning the corkcicle was easy and quick. A quick rinse of the outside under the tap, then open the cap and hold the pouring part under the tap to rinse through the aerator. I dried it off on a tea towel to make sure that I didn’t get any ice on the outside to dilute my wine and put it back in the case and into the freezer.

The second test was on a bottle of sparkling red. Again, the wine had been chilled in the fridge, the corkcicle had been in the freezer for a few days. Again the corkcicle performed as expected. This time the significant other and I were sharing the bottle with a selection of cheeses and cold-cuts in front of the TV. We finished the bottle happily and did not notice any significant alteration in the temperature of the bubbly. I’d say we poured our last glasses 45 minutes after the bottle came out of the fridge. I was slightly concerned that the pourer would have an effect on the bubbles, making the sparkly seem a little ‘flat’, but happily, it didn’t affect the bubbly at all. All round, a very successful second test!



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